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Jamaica Carnival 2017

Jamaica Carnival 2017 was definitely a majestic experience. As revelers came out in their numbers to celebrate the season with their band of choice. This year JayEnigma Studio was blessed with the opportunity to capture the Xaymaca band experience with SLEEK Jamaica. The Xaymaca Band promised nothing but an exclusive experience on the Road and that is exactly what they delivered. With revelers marching and jumping to soca music delivered to them by some of the islands best Djs along with Djs from the rest of the Caribbean and the US Xaymaca, was indeed an unforgettable Carnival experience!  Road march 2017 ended on a all time high as revelers was seen chipping down the road to big bad Soca music as if it gave them powers. The energy was electrifying! the music! the vibes! the women; even more so! check out this full coverage as we try to paint you a picture of this spectacular gathering and take you there!