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Always unsatisfied photographer. Jamaica is home.

About Me

JayEnigma is a Creative that lives in Jamaica but travels to various countries worldwide to conduct different shoots and host different Photoshoot events. He has done shoots with Puma, Coca-Cola and Heineken just to name a few. JayEnigma has traveled with the fastest man alive Usain Bolt and has made content around the world for him. He has done shoots for German magazine Boa Mag, USA MAXIM Mag, Jamaica’s biggest and most famous magazines Sleek Jamaica and Wealth Magazine. He has traveled to various countries for carnivals such as Trinidad, St Lucia, Bermuda, USA(Hollywood, Miami), Barbados, Cayman Islands and more. JayEnigma is the co founder and CEO of a photoshoot event dubbed Junglesnap where revelers get the opportunity to have a luxurious photoshoot event before they hit the road in Jamaica for carnival. This event is kept at the Porsche show room in Kingston and is Sponsored by major companies such as Porsche, G.H.Mumm, Pure Country, Redbull and Wynsinco group of companies. JayEnigma has been featured in the Jamaican papers multiple times and has been growing exponentially each year. You can see his work at: Website: www.jayenigma.com Instagram: _jayenigma YouTube: JayEnigmaStudio

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